Sunday, March 20, 2011


So annoyed right now. I have never taken progress pregnancy pictures. I don't know why. We didn't have a nice camera until Berlin was several months old, so we just didn't take as many pictures in general back then. But I actually have very few pictures of me pregnant at all, so this time, since this is the last time, I figured I would take some progression pregnancy pics.

Well, I took a picture at 15 weeks, right around the time I started showing. I just went to upload the picture to my blog and it won't work. It says the picture is "offline or missing" - only I can see it RIGHT THERE and it seems completely fine to me. Except it's not. I have had this problem with Lightroom several times recently, even regarding photos for other people, and it's starting to stress me out. The last thing I need is to start loosing pictures.

My plan was to take a picture every 5 weeks or so, but somehow I totally missed the whole 20 week period and suddenly I was 25 weeks pregnant. So, there is my one picture of me pregnant so far, at 25 weeks. So far this whole picture thing is not going very well.


People keep asking me how I am feeling. Fine. Fairly fine. Things could be a lot worse. My only real problem right now is extremely sore lower abdominal muscles which cause me to move around like an old lady and waddle significantly even though I am not really large enough to waddle. My midwife actually prescribed me a lumbar support belt to help with the pain, but the whole belt is a rather big pain to wear as it turns into a 15 minute process just to use the bathroom. So, mainly I wear it if I know I am going to be on my feet a lot or if I want to go for walk. If I don't wear it and go for a walk - bad news. Then I can barely move at night.

The only other concern is that we don't even have an inch of space in this house for this child. As I was putting away the girls mountains of clothes last night after several loads of laundry, I was realizing how every inch of space in their room is overflowing. No room for anything extra, not even a little shelf space for little boy clothes. He is not going to fit here.

Time to move!


Kayla said...

I was just think the other day that if we had another baby in the apartment I don't know where we would put him/her. The boys' room doesn't really have any room and we have a place in our room for a pack n' play but no room for any clothes. We could make it work but it wouldn't be very comfortable!

emilyhansen said...

You look great Heidi! Keep taking the pictures- you'll be glad you did. And most importantly, your little man will be!

Mamma Bird said...

you look so cute prago, you always did. sorry the pictures are not working out better but the one is nice at least : ) are you really going to move? i have move every time i had a 12 week old baby, crazy i know, i don't recommend it. xoxo