Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I am not good at 2:00am. All my good friends know this. I am the lame one who has to go to bed early, I always get tired first, I have never been an allnighterstayupreallylate type of person - even in college. 2:00am especially doesn't look great to me if I have already been asleep for a few hours.

Also, sidenote, last week when Steve was sick I started sleeping with earplugs (for no certain reason, ahem) and discovered that I sleep very soundly when I have the earplugs in all night.

Since I was super tired yesterday I decided to put the earplugs in - the only reason I don't wear them every night now is because they're just not all that comfortable. Anyway, I was sleeping super soundly at 2:00am.

Berlin, apparently, came into our room, she had a low grade fever yesterday. The problem/wonder of the ear plugs is that I did not hear her come into our room. I had no idea she was there until Steve plopped her between us and she put her hand on my face. I was aware enough to realize why she was there, that she was probably not feeling well, so I reached out to the figure sitting next to me in the dark and put my hand on her face. After I found her face I closed my eyes, they did not want to be open at 2:00am, and felt her forehead. It didn't feel that warm. Hm. So I moved my expert mother fever gauge down to her cheek. It didn't feel that warm either. In fact, it felt like there were lots of goosebumps all over her little cheek...which was weird.

Then Steve said to me, "Babe, what are you doing?"

And I opened my eyes and realized my hand was on his stubbly cheek, not Berlin's. Her little face was quite warm, 102.7 warm. I couldn't go back to sleep because I just kept giggling to myself in the dark.

2:00am and I do not get along very well.


Kayla said...

LOL! LOL! Oh that is totally something I would do! Haha!

Kristy said...

Lol! No really, I actually lol'd :)

Anonymous said...

wa!ha!ha! that is hilarious!!!! sandra