Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have this really great handsome husband. I never post nice pictures of him, I don't know why. Most of the time when I take a picture of him he's doing something really funny or silly...maybe because he's just like that a lot? :) I don't know. Anyway, he looked so darn handsome on Easter morning that I made him hold still long enough for me to snap a picture of him in his "Sunday best".

Yup. So handsome. I picked out his shirt and tie combo, teal and purple? Sure! Why not? It's the first time, and maybe last, I have ever gotten him to wear purple. Pink was completely out of the question. I think he looks fabulous.

The girls and I spent most of Holy Week hanging out, just the three of us, and we still managed to not find time to color eggs until Easter morning.

Which was fine, because in the half hour that Steve was able to be at home with us on Sunday morning we decided to have a conversation with the girls about how the Easter Bunny is not real. I wrote a little bit about this during Christmas, about wether or not we were going to help the belief in Santa or not, but with Easter I decided what's the point? A bunny whose big enough to hop around delivering baskets of candy and hiding eggs? First of all, if I actually saw a bunny that big it would scare the crap out of me. Second, what does a bunny have to do with eggs? Third, and most importantly, Easter is way too important to me to make it into something fictional and all about eggs and rabbits.

Easter, more than Christmas, is the foundation of what I believe. The fact that Jesus died for me is the basis of what the rest of my life means. It effects a lot of the decisions that Steve and I make because it has shaped our lives. So we decided we want our girls to really know what Easter is about, and that we would celebrate by coloring eggs and having baskets with candy - along with many other things, like going to church, talking about what Jesus did for us, etc.

So we still colored eggs and had a little Easter egg hunt outside.

While we were waiting for the eggs to change color Tryn decided to make up songs about Easter, a task which she took very seriously.

And which Berlin seemed to think was pretty funny.

Our beautiful eggs :)

I also got the girls new Easter dresses. I found this adorable dresses on the clearance rack at GAP and they were perfect. Unfortunately, because Minnesota is so awesome and it was only 60-something degrees they had to wear leggings and long sleeved shirts under their dresses. So I didn't take "Easter dress pictures" because they wouldn't have been awesome.

I will take some soon and post them. The best thing about the dresses is they spin in a real serious way - which made Berlin extremely happy. I will have to try and catch them in action...

For now, this cute picture. Of course, I couldn't even get one of both of them looking at me, but it's pretty cute anyway :)


Patti Kratzer said...

Those were the perfect twirly dresses! The girlies were adorable and your husband was very handsome but you forgot to mention how beautiful you were with your flowy dress. Thanks for putting up with so little time with Steve during Holy Week. It can't be easy. Your loss is definitely the kingdom's gain. Hope the four of you have some good R&R this week.

Tonya said...

Steve does look great in his Sunday Best...but he still makes me want to laugh in this picture, cuz he's just kinda like that!

And you dyed eggs in your lovely new mugs? You're awesome! :D (they are the perfect depth.)

Kristy said...

Very nice Steve :)

I love Tryn's expression in her serious-song-creating photo.

And Berlin is so unbelievable cute in that last picture...I mean, SO CUTE.

Mamma Bird said...

"Third, and most importantly, Easter is way too important to me to make it into something fictional and all about eggs and rabbits." I LOVE this quote and it's so true. I also agree that we can do it all, have our cake and eat it too. Cause it would just be to sad not to have the candy : )

I LOVE the looks on the girls faces in the last photo. For real, Tryn could be 16 with that look on her face. Look out world!!

Crista Johnson said...

You have the best family. And blog. I love you.

Beckytwogirls said...

Super cute girls!