Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Already Happening

I can't believe this. Keep in mind, my girls are 5 1/2 and almost 4...they have their first "star" obsession.

They can't seem to get enough of Taylor Swift.

I think that Tryn has always liked Taylor Swift songs. She listened to some when she was younger, but I thought she had forgotten about the songs. Well, Taylor has a Christmas song on the radio right now and the other day, just before the song started, they announced who was singing the song. A few minutes in Tryn said, "Mom, I really like Taylor Swift."

So Steve, being the great dad that he is, put the song on a compilation cd of Christmas songs for the girls to play in their room. Since yesterday evening the only song I have heard, played on repeat obsessively, in this house is Last Christmas, Taylor Swift version.

This was our conversation at lunch today.

Tryn: Mom, I really love Taylor Swift's songs.

Berlin: Me too.

Me: Why?

Tryn: She just has the most fun songs.

...a little bit of silence...

Tryn: Mom, is Taylor Swift in this world? (Her way of asking if something is real or not, like a cartoon or someone who actually lives in this world.)

Me: Yes, she is.

Berlin: Can we see her sometime?

Me: I don't know...

Tryn: Where does she live?

Me: Down in Nashville I think, down where Rollie and Cait live.

Tryn: Well, someday I am going to go down to Nashville and I am going to tell Taylor Swift that she has the best songs ever.

Oh, geez.


Mamma Bird said...

Hehe, that is so cute!

Sara said...

I'm sorry.

Love, Sara