Wednesday, December 21, 2011


How is it that my sweet little baby who was just born a few days ago is already 6 months old??!! These last 6 months have just flown by and I realized the other day that I haven't even written Kye's birth story down yet. I'm bummed about that because I am sure I have forgotten a lot of the smaller details and thoughts that I had about things by now. I need to do that soon.

(Kyeson at midnight last night, hanging out with mom and dad in the living room, trying to work through some digestive issues.)

Kyeson, at 6 months and a few days, is working on sitting up. He can sit up unassisted, but not for long. He has a tendency to lean to the right...or way to far forward so that he is just folded in half with his face almost on the floor. I have not been super good at helping him along with sitting up though. I kind of wanted his "baby-ness" to last just a little bit longer. And now when he sits up for too long without falling over I get this strange urge to push him over - like helping him not sit up will keep him being a baby longer. Too bad it doesn't work that way.

I also held back a little bit on giving him solids. I probably would have been starting him just now if it wasn't for Steve. Daddy was super excited for his son to eat some real food, so he did. Like I posted a few weeks ago, Kye is a great eater so far! I am attempting to make my own baby food this time around - mostly because I want to see if it helps the transition to table food better (keeping my fingers crossed) - and so far the man-child has had sweet potatoes, butternut squash, bananas, avocados, and applesauce. I also tried green beans, but they didn't get smooth enough for a first foods try, so they are in the freezer waiting for a few more weeks.

Right now Kye is working on his first two bottom teeth. They have been making their way up for the past few weeks and if they don't show up soon...oh my goodness. Kye is handling teething better than both of his sisters, but cranky babies always make for harder days. On top of getting teeth, Kye seems to have a slight cold AND is gassier than normal (i.e. him and I have not been sleeping much this past week. When he's not like this he usually just gets up once a night). *Update!! Just as I was about to post this I checked Kye's teeth and the first one is here!!! First tooth, December 21!*

"Look at me! Weeeeeeee! I'm up so high!"

Kye's new trick, which somehow makes our Christmas tree look really small.

This is what Steve likes to call "Our expressions upon finding that Trynie has her first boyfriend" picture.

"What? I can stand? Look at me! I can staaannndd!!!"

And that is how the most loved boy ever is doing.

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joelle said...

Holy cow Heidi! He is sooo stinkin cute, I can't believe he is six months old (and counting!) and we still have not met him! He looks like so much fun....