Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy First Birthday Kyeson!

First year birthday's are fun. I think they are mostly fun for the parents because the one year old has no idea what is going on. There is no pressure to pick out the right presents, no pressure to have a birthday party, no all.

And, let's be honest, watching a little baby dig into cake for the first time in their little lives is one of the cutest things ever.

We celebrated Kye's birthday over a three day period. His actual birthday, the 12th, was a Tuesday and Steve had to work all day and we both had plans that Tuesday night. So sang Happy Birthday to Kye about 20 times that day, and he loves singing so he thought that was awesome.

The next day, June 13th, was also our housemate Cait's birthday and so we had a little combined 1st/26th Birthday Party with mostly adults present. It was fun for Kye, fun for us. :) I made a two guitar cakes, one for Kye and one for Cait. Yes, thanks to some helpful people who decided to point it out to me (after me and the 15 or so people who were here didn't notice), yes, I left out the "d" in birthday. So what. It still tasted good and I'm pretty sure Kye didn't notice :)

And THEN, finally, Thursday we had a little family celebration where we all ate lunch together and let Kye open, or not open, his gifts and play with wrapping paper. He got lots of trucks for his birthday which is awesome - we finally have some boy toys around here! We also got him a little drum for his birthday and he was surprisingly intrigued with it for a good 5 minutes. He took the little drum stick and tapped on the drum with a very serious and concentrated look on his face. So darn cute.

 "Whoa! It dumps!?!"
 "Ooo. Let me try."

 "Mmm. Shovels taste good!"
Practicing so he can play with Daddy someday. :)


Kristy said...

I love the picture of him stuffing his face with cake--so cute!!! Wish I could've seen him devour it!

Awesome job on the cakes, btw, they're so fun!!

Neal said...

You didn't notice the missing D because your mind was thinking, "Chocolate!"