Tuesday, June 26, 2012

iPhone Pics

Since having Kye I started taking a lot more pictures on my iPhone. It's always around and now that we live in a place with more space my camera isn't always within arms reach. These are my favorite pictures that I have taken with my phone over the past 6 months or so. 

 First time Berlin ever wrote her name, all by herself. Both of us were so proud :)
Both of the girls came to lay with me on the couch one day and while I was rubbing their backs they fell asleep! I managed to slide my phone out of my pocket to snap a picture. This was such a rare and perfectly precious moment.
 I find these often, cups of Berlin's treasures that she finds around the yard.

 I love evening lighting, I am obsessed with it. I also love "wish flowers" almost as much as Berlin does. We don't see weeds when we see dandelions.
 Orange. Turquoise. Yes.
 Haha!! Trying to be tough, like a football player. Too cute to be intimidating though.
 Berlin wanted to come with Cait and I to one of our household trips to Costco, can you even see her at the front of the cart? Haha!! No, our cart doesn't always look like that. And yes, she is totally bored out of her mind.
 Perfect sweetness.
 My boys.
 This picture just about explains Berlin perfectly. In a dress, sitting in the dirt, bare feet, and digging for worms. All by herself and perfectly happy.
 What is better than a pancake shaped like a flower? Not much in Tryn's world.
Again, perfect sweetness. 

 Like I said, obsessed.
 This boy has such cute feet!
 Silly goof.

We found this baby turtle on a hike, the girls were obsessed with it! So cute. 

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Anonymous said...

Heidi, this is the best blog post ever. (you know I don't mix well with reading lots of words - pictures rock my socks off though). Can't believe I was looking at pics of my life - they seem too perfect for someone like me. Thanks! You're the best!!