Monday, June 25, 2012

Kye Update!

I can't actually believe that Kye is one. Sometimes he seem so much like a baby still...but other times he seems so much not like a baby anymore. I told Steve this last weekend that I might need to start volunteering in the nursery at church to get through this no more babies transition a little easier.

On the other hand, things are getting easier, as they always do, now that Kyeson is getting older. Last week I was doing dishes in the kitchen and walked over to the living room to check on the little dude (who was supposed to be playing with Tryn) and found him on the 4th step of our non-carpeted stairs. He can climb the whole way himself, but thankfully both times he has managed to sneak up himself he stops on the 4th step and just sits there. So scary. Right now we have chairs blocking the bottom of the stairs because there is no way to attach a gate, but I am sure it won't take him long to figure out that he can move those pretty easily. Sigh.

Kye is still doing his funny gimpy scoot crawl that I think is so hilarious. I think that is all we are going to get from him as far as crawling goes. He can go really fast, carry toys this way, and doesn't seem to want to change that at all. I think it counts as crawling...if not it is the fastest scooting that I have ever seen! He is not walking yet, but he is walking along furniture and standing independently. If he can place his hands on anything stable enough on the ground (like a toy) he will use that to get his feet under him and then just stand up. Then he will streeeettttccchhhhh as far as he can to try and reach something, which is hilarious, but he has only tried to take a step or two.

Let's see...Kye's favorite foods are blueberries, raspberries, bananas, yogurt, cheese, eggs, pancakes, pumpkin bread, and meat. The boy loves his meat. Chicken, steak, pork, whatever, he likes it all. He also eats a lot when he likes what he is eating. One breakfast meal he ate as much pancakes and eggs as I did - crazy! That boy can pack it away!

Since Kye isn't old enough to ask him his favorite things I think I get to say my favorite things about him. First favorite thing is that I love, love, love his laugh. He has this deep belly laugh that is just about the cutest thing of all time. Also, he is starting to say words (he says Mama, Dada, ball, dog, all done, and uh oh) and he gets the cutest happiest look on his face when he says a word and realizes that we understand him and that he is communicating. He is so proud of himself. I have also been getting him to copy me and so last week I got him to snort like a little piggy and it's hilariously cute.

Oh, and something that amazed me recently is that Steve started saying, "This little piggy went to market..." to Kye, but he wasn't close enough to touch him and wiggle each finger or toe. So, as Steve started saying this Kye watched him super carefully and then just reached over and grabbed his little finger and wiggled it, just like Steve normally would.  

 Oooo. Mom, what do you have there?!
A camera? YES. Let me TOUCH it and smear my fingers all over it!!! 
 Playing "This little piggy" with Daddy.
 Don't look Grandma! I'm having lots of fun! Wheeeeee!!!
 Mmmm. Just gonna eat my Dad's face. It looks tasty. 

He is just the Most Loved Boy in the World.

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