Friday, May 15, 2009

Big Girl Bed

First of all, thanks for posting comments on my last blog entry!! It is really great to hear what you all are thinking. I mean, I can tell that you are out there because every week I get an email telling me that lots of people have visited my blog, so it's nice to hear what you think about it! Feel free to comment ANYTIME!! Anytime.


I am a little behind. We got Tryn a toddler big girl bed a few weeks ago, so this is not brand new, but it is still exciting in our household. We waited a long time to get Tryn a big girl bed, mainly because she is a mover when she sleeps (or was, I guess). Whenever I would sleep in the same room with her I would wake up several times a night because of her rolling over and banging the side of whatever she was sleeping next to. She also never minded sleeping in a crib or pack 'n play and only once ever climbed out of her crib, so she was fine...but it was finally time to make the switch.

As I normally get lots of things used because I am a bargain shopper and love getting a deal, I shopped around for Tryn's bed for several weeks. Unfortunately, every time there was a cute white wooden bed decently priced on Craigslist it disappeared before I could even send an email. So we decided to go with plastic, which was slightly cheaper and almost as cute :)

Both of the girls were very excited about putting this bed together. They both desperately wanted to help daddy, especially by "holding" the screws...which was very helpful, of course.

Berlin thought the new bed was kind of like a jungle gym and couldn't help but give the entire bed a good crawl over before it was completely put together.

Once the bed was all put together Tryn excitedly sat on it in her calm and collected Tryn sort of way.

Berlin, on the other hand, got up onto the bed and, without hesitation, started jumping away. Berlin was actually the first one to fall out of Tryn's new bed. Crazy kid.

In the middle of the night the very first night that Tryn slept in her bed Steve and I awoke to a loud CRASH! and scared screaming crying. Yes, she fell right out. Thankfully, that only happened that first night, and things have been just fine ever since. Except that Berlin still loves to climb right up and start jumping...


Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to say the crash was Berlin climbing out of her crib to get to Tryn's new bed. Great post!

trish said...

love all those pics, too cute!

jessica said...

I like the photo of Tryn holding the screws... good job :)

Anonymous said...

soon she'll be driving!