Sunday, May 10, 2009


Things I did this weekend:

* Was a wicked stepmother, a handsome prince, and a princess full of "grace and beauty" (according to Tryn).

* Balanced a pacifier on my head while being a princess, apparently the pacifier is the new crown of choice these days.

* Pricked my finger on an imaginary spinning wheel and had to wait for Tryn to give me a kiss before I could get up.

* Rescued Sophie from the toilet after Berlin decided to toss her in mid-flush.

* Calmed a hysterical Tryn who was very traumatized by the fact that Sophie was thrown in the toilet. Tryn informed me that Sophie was very sad and scared about the whole ordeal...Sophie seemed okay to me.

* Gave Sophie a "bath" in the washing machine.

* Gave the girls a bath in the bath tub.

* Did 8 loads of laundry.

* Was surprised by Steve and the girls with a bouquet of flowers. Tryn gave them to me and pronounced, "Happy Father's Day!"

* Was also surprised to not be allowed out of bed Sunday morning until Tryn and Berlin trooped in carrying gifts which they had colored on the wrapping paper for me. They were so excited about their coloring, which was completely adorable. This was followed by Steve making me a huge breakfast.

* Broke up fights about who should be allowed to play with the "beads" (plastic colorful necklaces) several times.

* Was kept from taking a nap by a child who wouldn't to go sleep because she figured out how to take her pants off.

* Tried to convince Tryn that she was not Sophie's daddy, as she kept proclaiming that she was, and that she was in fact Sophie's mommy.

* Watched Tryn try to give her doll Zosia a bottle and then tell me, "Zosia doesn't want a bottle, I am going to feed her with my boob."

* Played outside.

* Watched an episode of Lost.

* Pulled out a bin of Tryn's old clothes which will now become Berlin's summer clothes, realized two girls clothes do not fit in one dresser anymore, and rearranged the entire clothing situation in the girls' room.

* Helped host a Frock Exchange Party wherein some friends and I went through our closets, picked out stuff we didn't wear anymore, and exchanged clothes with each other. Very fun, as I got two bags full of cute new clothes. Following said party I stayed up until 1:30am with Steve and some friends...

* Went on a date with my man and had a really, really, really good burger at The Bulldog in North East.

* Went to church.

* Cleaned the house.

* Read the book First Words to Berlin about 25 times, at her insistence.

* Worked on teaching Berlin animal names and noises.

* Started what Tryn calls school. Steve bought her a pre-kindergarten book and we practiced drawing the big letter A and the little letter a.

* Read a little bit of Harry myself :)

* Put Cinderella's dress back on her about 15 times. Cinderella seems to like to take her clothes off for some reason.

Whenever I go back to work on Monday people always ask me, "How was your weekend?" and a lot of the times I just say, "It was good, pretty normal." Truly, my weekends, though not extremely eventful, are very busy. In fact, many times the weekend feels much busier than the weekdays. And, although I don't normally get flowers and presents when I wake up on Sunday morning, when people ask me tomorrow, this is probably what I will say, "It was good, pretty normal."


Andy said...

This was a good read, the whole feeding from the boob almost made me drop to my knees of laughter.

P.S. if you read a blog it's nice to leave comments


Kristy said...

HAhaha! Oh I love this. :)

trish said...

i agree with andy, whoever he is. it's nice when people leave comments. for the record, i enjoyed reading all that about your weekend, sounds crazy! my favorite was when Tryn said "Happy Father's Day!"

Kayla said...

Yeah, whoever Andy is, weird guy (wink wink)!

LOL, I loved the Sophi ordeal and the feeding the doll!