Sunday, May 24, 2009

Two Tryn Stories

I was at Target this morning before church. Yes, you might ask what I was doing at Target at 9:30 on a Sunday morning while we were dressed for church. Well, I will tell you. I was trying to buy shoes for Berlin. I have been on this I-don't-want-white-sandals-for-my-daughter-who-gets-dirtier-than-most-boys kick. Unfortunately, white sandals are very in style for little girls this season. When Tryn was this age she had a cute pair of brown sandals with white flowers. Perfect. They went with everything and never looked exceedingly dirty. Not so for Berlin. Our options are bright pink, bright multi-colored, jelly shoes (which are making a reappearance since hiding their shameful faces since I had them back when I was six, whattheheck!!), or white. So, after previously looking at really every baby clothing store I could think of, I got the girls dressed this morning, didn't put shoes on Berlin, and went to Target to buy a pair of white sandals that I thought were pretty cute, although white. However, they were totally out of her size in EVERY baby shoe!! EVERY ONE!! So, Berlin when to church shoeless. Good thing she is just over 1 and can still get away with it.

Anyway, Tryn. While in the checkout lane Tryn decided to empty a hanging display of little plastic princess dolls that were, of course, right at her eye level. We had to wait for a few people ahead of us and so she had time to take them all down and line them up according to identity. All of the Snow White's were in a row, followed by Cinderella, and so on. As I got to paying I turned to Tryn and said, "Come on babe! Put those away, it's time to go!"

She told me, "Mom, see Cinderella! And here is Sleeping Beauty!."

"I see babe, but it's time to go."

I finished paying and took Berlin out of the cart. "Come on Tryn! We are gonna go!"

In a voice as close to yelling as you can get without actually yelling, plenty loud enough for me, the cashier, the five people in line behind me, and the 20 or so other people within earshot, Tryn responded, "MOM! I NEED TO PUT THESE AWAY. JUST A MINUTE!"

Then she proceeded to hang each and everyone of them back up...At least she picks up after herself. Sometimes.

The other night we were at the park. We met up with our friend Rollie and cooked some brats and hot dogs for dinner. Tryn, not really wanting to sit still long, kept getting up and running to the playground before she was finished with dinner. Since I think it's rather mean to bring your kid to the park and then tell them they can't play until they are finished eating, the rule about not leaving the table until you are finished is put on hold at the park. We let them come and go and figure if they are hungry enough, they will eat.

Tryn had left and come back several times, and then left for a significantly long period of time. Long enough that I assumed she was finished as she had eaten most of her hot dog anyway. Well, she soon came running back, climbed up to the table, and said, "Where is my hot dog? Where is my food?!"

"It's all gone, sweetie," Steve told her.

"Where is it? I want my food." There is fast breathing and the approach of tears at this point.

Trying to ward the oncoming storm Steve said, "Well, see that bird up there in the tree? He came down here and ate your food! He was really hungry, so he just took your food."

Tryn, without missing a beat, looked up in the tree and indignantly demanded, "Bird! You give me back my food right now!"


Kayla said...

LOL, Tryn is so cute! I love the bird story!

What are Jelly Shoes?

Kristy said...

cute stories :)

I totally remember jelly shoes- ish.

Anonymous said...

Ahaha! Mark and I really loved the bird story...and nice work on Steve's part. Mark will soon need to learn these tricks :)