Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stupid Phone

Tonight Steve let Berlin hold his iPhone. She thought this was amazingly cool. I laid on the floor and watched her walk around just holding it with a huge smile on her face. Tryn sometimes gets to play games on daddy's phone, but Berlin never gets to touch it. She tried opening it, and holding it up to her ear to say hello. Then, for some reason, she walked over to me and flung the phone down to me. She totally wasn't being mean, I can usually tell when she is acting out about something, but she just happened to fling it in my face. It hit me in the forehead just above my eye and it actually either scraped me or broke my skin open a little...that's along with the welt. I actually cried. Silly, I know, but my eyes started watering and then I started laughing, and suddenly I was really crying. Kind of like when you laugh so hard you cry, only I was definitely not laughing that hard.

The sort of funny thing was, Berlin totally didn't get it. Steve was there and so he told Berlin, "NO, Berlin, you can't throw things at people. You hurt mommy and you need to say sorry."

Well, Berlin just looked at me like, "What? I just gave you the phone. What's the big deal?"

Ugh. She did finally give me a kiss. Little stinker.


Kristy said...

owie! :(

Words/Wonder said...

Yikes! (At least you weren't pmsing & totally lose it...:)