Monday, May 4, 2009

Business Time!

Thank you for all your caption's for this picture:

I LOVED reading all the silly comments, they made me laugh almost as much as the actual picture. So funny! I mean, I hope she agrees with Oma and says, "Don't even try me, I know the rules." And though I really thought Beth's, Amy's, and Trisha's comments were really funny (check out comments on previous post if you want to read their creative thoughts), I think my favorite might be Stew's, "Business Time!!" It just totally fits with the idea behind the name of the softball team (click on the name if you don't know what I am talking about). Very funny.

Steve's started a summer softball team last spring with several special sidekicks (how is that for alliteration!! I didn't even mean to do it until "spring", but there ya' go!) Anyway, the guys all had such a great time last year that they decided to do it again this year. Their team name is Business Time (if you haven't watched the video by now you might want to, you won't regret it. Well, maybe you will, but at least you will laugh!) They will have games every Monday night from now until July sometime so feel free to come and cheer them on! Email me and I can tell you the time and place.

Although Berlin was at several of the Business Time softball games last year, she definitely didn't enjoy herself then as much as she did this time (in fact, last year she was so small that every time I cheered she would burst into tears). This time she definitely had some fun!

I don't think you can really see how dirty she is in this picture, but she literally, at one point, was laying in the dirt. She tasted the dirt, put some on her head, put handfuls of it above her head and let go to watch it fall to the ground. I might have been able to plant a garden in her hair after that.

She was very exited to see her daddy. She spent a lot of the time standing at the sidelines saying, "Dada! Dada!" And waving to him.

Tryn was also very excited to see Steve out on the field. In this picture she is actually saying, "Rueben! That is MY daddy!! Out there! See him?" Tryn and Rueben spent a lot of time pointing out their dad's to the each other. (And, yes, that is a naked Cinderella in Tryn's hands. Rueben brought a green dirt bike to play with, Tryn brought naked Cinderella...)

I think I have mentioned before how much Berlin likes dogs (if I haven't, she TOTALLY loves them), so she was really excited to have a dog at the game. She had to size the dog up first, before she deciding she wanted to give it a kiss.

She was even still excited about the dog after it gave her a huge kiss right on the face!! Can you imagine an animal bigger than you giving you a big sloppy kiss right on your face? I would be scared. Berlin is very brave.

This is my good friend Cait, that, however, is NOT her baby :) Just in case you were wondering.

And these are my friends Melissa and Crista. Melissa is talking about her very cute pregnant belly... :)

Did I mention that Berlin spent a lot of time playing in the dirt?


David James Stewart said...

My favorite Tryn quote of the evening: "Look, my daddy is running!!!"

Melissa said...

You seriously capture the best pictures! I look forward to seeing you and your family next monday....oh and, maybe you could talk Tryn into putting some clothes on cinderella this time?

Kristy said...

you're such a great mommy for letting Berlin play in the dirt :)

Heidi said...

Thanks, Kristy. Although, it's not like I can really stop her :) I figure if they are gonna get a little dirty and it's gonna be a fight to keep them clean, I might as well just let them go for it!

trish said...

cuuuuuuute berlin + puppy pictures :)

Tia said...

What a super cute picture of Berlin!!! Love the one of her and the dog too :)