Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chicago, Again

So, some of you may remember me mentioning that Steve and I went with our church out the Leadership Summit at Willow Creek Church in IL. Well, I did indeed bring my camera along and took a few pictures. I am very well intentioned when I take pictures. I always think, "Oh, I should put these on my blog!" and have every intention of doing so...then I take more, or don't have time, or forget, or whatever.

But I am getting around to it this time...eventually. I just won't mention how many days ago we were there. You can pretend like it was last weekend. Or yesterday for that matter!

A fine large building in the fine large city of Chicago.

The rare picture of me, looking very unimpressed that Steve is wielding the camera.

Cool city art.

This is the pizza place we ate at for lunch. We were just walking down the street and decided to stop at this random place. Nobody was there when we got there, we didn't even have to wait for a table. We totally second guessed our choice while we waited the forewarned 40 minutes for our pizza to cook. When we left, however, there was a line outside stretching almost halfway down the block of people waiting for our table. I guess we chose well.

The pizza was really, really good.

My cool friend Stacy with her cool green glasses.

A few flower pictures that I took while we were having dinner one night.

Almost as rare as a picture of me, a picture of me and Steve toghether!!

Also rare, because it has never been done before! A picture of me singing karaoke!!! Steve and I sang "If I Had A Million Dollars" and I sounded terrible. I forgot that the song is completely not in my range, too high or low for my normal range of I pretty much talked all the words. It sounded just as karaoke should, just terrible :)

And this is what I spent a lot of time looking at during all the driving around.

So, there you have it!


omabear said...

Cool tall buildings, the Pizza looks good, but "GASS_SY" you know : ) Nice to see a picture of you and Steve together : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

Kayla said...

Ooh! Looks like fun! I've been to Chicago a few times but never to actually enjoy it:(

Sara said...

I love these pictures, especially that Steve has his phone at the pizza restaurant- I know that I called him while you were there- it was not the best of days in the media booth. :-)
Wish I could have been there for the Karaoke!