Friday, August 28, 2009

The Eyes Have It!

So, I really am remembering to try and post that recipe for the stuffed peppers, I promise. I just keep forgetting while I am at home. I have been trying to squeeze time in with my girls because I have been gone the last two nights and tonight we are all going to be gone. Steve and I will be attending the bachelor and bachelorette parties of our good friends Rollie and Cait (who are getting married in a few weeks, wahoo!!) and the girls will be spending the night with Grandma and baby Jackson. I won't get to see my babes again until Sunday morning.

Anyway, I love eyes. They are so beautiful and expressive. I especially love the eyes of all three of my family members. I happen to think that my two little girls have some of the most beautiful sets of eyes I have ever seen. I also saw this photographer who had taken some eye pictures of her friends and it was really great because you could see all the tiny details in the eyes. Which I love to see on others. However, not many people love it when you get right up in their face to look at the details of their eyes. But, I made my family be my subjects...and it didn't really work. :) Berlin and Steve wouldn't hold still, which you have to hold extra still to be able to see the really fine details in a macro setting in lower lighting. They didn't. You can practically see Steve's distain for the whole thing below - which is why I love eyes, because you can see what a person is thinking just by seeing their eyes! It's like he is saying, "Come on babe, this is dumb." Can you see it? I can. :)

I hope this doesn't totally gross anyone out, maybe someday I will get better sharper pictures, but I thought these were fun anyway. (Also, excuse how tired and red my eyes look. Eye allergies.)

And just one more of Steve, since he thought I was silly for doing this whole thing :) He can do this really crazy thing with his eyes where they pop open like this:

On the radio station that I listen to they talk a lot about if you can see the whites of anyone's eye on either the top or the bottom that means they have a little bit of crazy in them...I can see a lot of the whites of Steve's eyes


Stephanie said...

Neat pics!!! Yea... his eye is a bit scary.

Trish said...

a little bit of crazy... haha. ok you should see what you just made me post on my blog. :)