Sunday, August 23, 2009

Minnesota Nice

When Minnesota is nice, it is really nice. Fall is a really great time of year here, Spring is also very wonderful, and even the first few months of Winter are not so bad. It is nice to have snow and ice skating for Christmas - it's mainly just January through March that really are SO unpleasant. Summer is the best. Summers in Minnesota are golden. It doesn't get unbearably hot, if you live close to the city you don't get overwhelmed by bugs, and though it does get rather humid at times, it really is just so great. What is really so nice about MN is that no matter where you live you there is almost always a beach not to far away.

For instance, we live in Minneapolis, very close to actual downtown Minneapolis. Yet, there are two beaches within 10 minutes from our house. Maybe even more that I don't know about. It's great.

Since we have actually not had very many hot days this summer (sometimes, unfortunately, MN weather can be very weird and unpredictable) the girls and I skipped church this morning and went to the beach. It is the last week of August after all (yikes!! that makes me a little sad!) and this summer I have only been to the beach less than it takes me to count on one hand. An 80 degree day when I am not at work? Beach please!

We Haines girls love the beach. Pretty passionately I would say. So, we packed up and met our friends Amy and Paisley at Wirth Beach in Minneapolis. These pictures below are not actually from today, nor are they from Wirth, they are from Lake Calhoun, the other beach close to our place. But, that doesn't really matter, does it? The point is, Minnesota is nice and me and my beach babies love it. (Hugh *sigh*. Even though I love fall too, so sad that summer is almost over.)


omabear said...

Very CUTE pictures. Looks like lots of FUN :) Yes thank you Minnesota for your BEAUTIFUL beaches, amongst the beauty of everything else. :) :) :) :) :)

Kayla said...

So cute! I love going to the beach and just floating in the water! Tryn looks so pretty in the close up of her!

Kristy said...

That is one of the things I missed most about Minnesota is that there is a literally a lake everywhere you go...they're so pretty. :)

As always, the pics are adorable!

The Stephens said...

I almost cried; I love Minnesota!