Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ah, 2009

Here we are, at year's end. I would have to say that New Year's Eve is probably my least favorite day of The Holidays. It's like that song, "And so this is Christmas, and what have you done? Another year over, a new one just begun." That song falls somewhere on the bottom of my Least Favorite Christmas Songs list. That song and New Years Eve make me start thinking of all the things I could have or should have done differently this past year. I do think it is good to stop and evaluate life every once in a while, however, don't ask me "what have you done?" That makes me feel like you are telling me I didn't do enough, like I have to prove myself, and I feel like my year was pretty darn full. So there.

There, now that I got that off my chest, moving on.

The Little Things List:

* When I think back to the beginning of this year I think about how the girls were just starting to become obsessed with everything Princess and how that changed my life this year - specifically how I spent my time. I spent a lot of time being a princess. This is the first year I lived with royalty in my house :)

* My little baby Berlin turned 1 this year and I think of the countless times I told the story of how she was born in the backseat of our car. Our car that has, this year, taken a turn for the worse and developed transmissionitis. Soon Berlin's birthplace will be gone forever.

* Trynica turned 3 this year and managed to become even more beautiful. If this continues to happen I am entirely scared to write a post in 2019. "Trynica had 15 boys calling her every night this past year..." *Sigh* Stay away.

* Steve and I got to take an amazing vacation to Mexico together. That was definitely a highlight.

* Thinking about the times we have not been with our girls...we are thankful for people like Gennae, Leah, Rebecca, Amy and Paisley, Becky W, Becky A, Larissa, Arianna, Mom, Dad, Tia, Kristy and Andy, Kathy, Jillian, Cait - people whose trustworthiness shines through the adoration in our daughter's eyes. Thank you for helping us be better parents and for being people we can trust and for loving our kids.

* Thinking about the numerous times Steve and I stayed up really late playing Catan with Rollie and Cait.

* The summer of 2009 was the summer that the girls and I tried to fit in as many trips to the beach as possible. The result? We love the beach and Tryn still talks about it at least once a week. She is going to love next summer.

* Berlin learned how to talk in 2009.

* Glad that Uncle Tim, Uncle Jordan, Uncle Joel, and Uncle Doug could all come and visit us at least once this year. The girlies sure love their uncles.

* Steve and I both started working at CPC this year. Steve had been unofficially working at CPC, but started officially in January. I started in September. This has been good for our lives in so many ways.

That's what comes to mind right now. Mainly, I am thankful that nothing bad happened to us this year. We didn't lose jobs, we didn't get in accidents, we didn't lose important people in our lives. It was a good year. Onward, to 2010.

(picture from last Christmas, my how they've grown.)


Sara said...

Beautiful post! Happy New Year, Heidi!!!

Stephanie said...

Loved this post. I'm looking forward to seeing what this net year brings you. Happy New Year!