Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh, Just Thursday

I asked Tryn what she wanted to do tonight and she said play Hide and Seek, so we did. The first time she hid I found her in plain view sitting on top of my bed. The second time she was laying on the couch giggling with her hands over her eyes (so I couldn't see her). It was hilarious. I think we need to work on the goal of that game a little bit. Especially since every time I hid and she couldn't find me right away the panic in her voice rose in serious levels. Like I said, it was humorous.

One of my children got her first black eye yesterday. Can you guess who? :) Yes, it was Berlin. She was climbing into her chair for dinner trying to "do it self!" and attached the tray to her chair. Well, she fell off the chair onto the floor and her face connected with the tray that was still, sort of, in her hands. She had a huge welt on her cheek bone right below her left eye (thank goodness she didn't hit her eye) and today the underneath part of her eye is purple-ish. So sad. The term "act like a baby" really shouldn't be used as much as it is though, she is acting far better about a black eye than I would. I don't even think she remembers at this point. She didn't mention it all night. I would've.

So, that's it. It's just Thursday. And I am very excited about the weekend!! Steve finally has another weekend off!! I don't know if you remember, but I blogged about the last weekend he had off. It was Labor Day weekend back in September. Steve was asking me what I wanted to do this weekend and I suggested that we just stay home. Our girls are not at all used to have both parents home at the same time for more than about three hours max, so this could be fun for them. Here's to the our upcoming family days this weekend! Though they are few and far between, I am sure they will be fun and I am sure there will be pictures to share!

And I know, this picture of Berlin is a little blurry, but doesn't it still melt your heart? Even blurry? It does mine.


Kayla said...

LOL! I love Tryn's hiding spots!
Poor Berlin though:( Gabe has that attitude a lot and it usually get him 'into trouble' too.

omabear said...


Tonya said...

Your girls always melt my heart...blurry or not. When you want a day to yourself in January I will gladly take them! I mean it...try me.