Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Trynica and Berlin received and opened their first Christmas gift today. Gennae, our wonderful upstairs neighbor, gave them each a gift that they used the entire day. They loved it! Can you guess what it is?

I will post a picture of them using it tomorrow if you can't figure it out!

Also, I think this is hilarious. I gave Tryn a tangerine tonight and this is what she did with it before she ate it. She also "interacted" with each piece before she ate it. She was pretending something, but talking too quietly for me to hear what she was actually saying. Gosh, I just love this girl. She may not look a thing like me, but there are definitely some ways that I know she is my daughter! :)


Stephanie said...

Nice to see someone else's kids are as... creative... as mine are :)

Anonymous said...

Aaahahahaa!! She's amazing! I love how she's starting to want to talk fast like a grownup, so she just blurts out random jibber jabber and then says, "what do you think?"