Monday, December 14, 2009

The Holiday

That's what the British call it, right? When you go away for a weekend or have a break from work it's called "holiday"? Like, this last weekend we had a mini-holiday. I think. I guess my sister-in-law can let me know if I am wrong, seeing as she was born in England and all. Anyway, we did have a mini-break or...whatever.

As I mentioned, Steve had the weekend off and we officially did just about nothing. I mean, we did a lot, but, really, we did nothing.

Friday morning Steve took off to have some time alone. Tryn had a friend pick her up and bring her to Disney on Ice where she got to see life size princesses skating around - pretty much mini-heaven for her. Berlin and I stayed home and did all sorts of important things like play with Play-dough, dress up babies, and read books.

We also did really important things like write letters to Santa to tell him what we want for Christmas.

Steve helped Tryn draw pictures of what she wants. She wants glass slippers (check!), the new Snow White movie (check!), a ball, and a doll with a pink dress. Also, though, when I asked her what she really wanted, if she could have one thing, she said, "Well...a boat. Because I don't have a little boat." ?!?! I don't know, don't ask me. Berlin wants a green dress, glass slippies, a princess, and a book. Unfortunately, we forgot to take the letters out of the mailbox today before the mailman came and he actually took the letters. I have no idea what he is actually going to do with them, I intended to keep them. *Sigh*

We also played with princess stickers, of course. How can a day be complete without princess stickers?! It can't.

I took a picture of Berli's shiner so I could show you all. Sad :( This was the second day, the third day actually looked the worst though as far as color goes. Poor baby.

And Berlin practiced being a good mommy to Teddy.

One fun activity that we did do on Saturday morning was take the girls to the new movie The Princess and the Frog. It's the new obsession in our house, of course. Tryn's new favorite princess is Princess Tiana from the movie. It was Berli's first time seeing a movie in a theater and she pretty well. Her max attention span is about 45 mins to an hour for a movie, then she just gives up and gets bored. It was the same in the theater. Thankfully, she loves popcorn and ate more than anyone else (except me:p), it was a great distraction.

On Sunday we stayed home all day. Steve and I watched our first whole Vikings game together this season. It was perfect.

The end.


Andy said...

Wow, Steves face grew some hair....NICE, that's the perfect weekend to me...

Kristy said...

sounds lovely :)

Kayla said...

Sounds fun to me! When I was in Europe they called vacations holiday's. Like a break from school is the kids going on holiday or if they took a trip to a different town or country for the weekend or a week then it was holiday. So, I think you have it right:)

Anonymous said...

Babe. I saved the letters to Santa.

Heidi said...

That's why I keep you around, honey ;)