Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Birthday Bash

Here are the birthday day pictures! Berlin was so excited about, "My bertday!" Here is the sweet girl immersed in her birthday present chaos.

At first I thought this was going to be her favorite present. It's the movie The Swan Princess which I remember watching numerous times when I was little - talk about memories as I watched this with the girls! It's not a Disney movie and it's not even really a classic, but I liked it and now so do my girls. (Also, this is Berlin saying, "Cheese!" I don't know why she has to close her eyes when she says it.)

But this present got a hug, so I am pretty sure this may have been the favorite. We have never had a princess dress that Berlin didn't trip over while wearing it and since Tryn has a few I decided it was time for Berlin to have her own - one that fit.

And of course you get to lick things that kids are not supposed to lick on your birthday!! Right? Especially if your mom procrastinates baking your cake until breakfast time on your birthday when you party starts in less than two hours. Then of course you get to lick the cake batter with raw eggs in it during breakfast.

We practiced saying, "I'm two!" which went pretty well during breakfast.

Then all of Berlin's little cousins came over to play, which was so much fun. We have always invited other people to the girls birthday parties, but not all of my family has ever lived in MN since Tryn was born and so they have never all been able to come...nor have they ever been so MANY! 17 people, not counting my one brother who had to work. Almost 19 family members when my new nephew comes in June!

Berlin apparently got a little mixed up on which two fingers to use, although she does understand the concept of two at least! This is what she showed me in the afternoon when I asked her how old she was :)

Oma and Berlin were really excited to eat cupcakes. They spent a long time looking at them and I am pretty sure there was more than one cupcake with finger prints in it. Which is funny because I am sure my mom never would have let me do that when I was little! I think Oma is having a little too much fun spoiling the grandkids ;)

All in all, I would say it was a pretty successful, yet uneventful, two year old birthday party.

Cake eating pictures to come later! There were just too many cute ones and I couldn't pick just one to show you.


The Stephens said...

I love her little fingers!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures babe! Haaahaa!! -S

Fauntel said...

Berlin is gorgeous... seriously. She is so beautiful. Also, I cannot believe how much your mom and Beate (sp?) look alike. I would swear they are twins!