Monday, March 15, 2010

Poor Pink Mank

The day that Trynica was born my mom brought a basket to the hospital. Among other things, it contained three blankets. One was bright pink with purple and yellow hearts, one was bright green with little bugs and creatures all over it, and one was a soft green with little white daisies all over it.

These blankets were bigger than normal receiving blankets and so were perfect for swaddling up a brand new babe. Somewhere along the line, right around the time I lost the soft green blanket with daisies (my personal favorite), Tryn decided that these blankets were something that she could not live without. So became "green mankie" and "pink mankie" (or mank, depending on...nothing really).

Pink and green mank have been everywhere with us, including but not limited to lots of bathrooms, the park, the grocery store, and even Poland - when Tryn was six weeks old.

These manks have gotten to be so incredibly soft. And fragile. I think pink mankie might be reaching the end of it's life. I have no idea how we are going to tell Tryn that though. It's two pieces are literally being held together by a thread.


Words/Wonder said...


gennae said...

bring it up here...i'll sew it together. OR, we can make the blanket into smaller pieces and quilt it.

Melissa said...

I think those 'mankies' have even been graced with Jackson spit up.....this was a while ago when Tryn was sharing her mank with him. I totally think you could quilt those buggers.

Anonymous said...

Oh No! I'm gonna miss pink mank too!!! This is Uncle Tim btw