Monday, March 8, 2010

My Favorite Part, Part 2

This is my last post about Berli's birthday, promise. But here is my other favorite part:

I love watching Berlin eat. She has always been a good eater, often an attacker of food. If she is eating something that she really likes she will basically just shovel the food into her mouth as fast as she can until she has such a mouthful of food that she can't chew it and doesn't know what to do with it. She is still clumsy with a spoon, she still pounds every bite of food that she is trying to get on the fork, she still likes to eat a lot of things with her hands...even rice. She sucks on things that aren't generally sucked, like frosting. She plays with food, she loves to see what it feels like, how it moves, what it can do. I love it all. It makes me feel like she is still a little bit of my baby.


Erin Bennett said...

Great pictures! What a cutie. :)

Melissa said...

You have such cute babies....when are you going to make another one?!?!?!?! :)