Thursday, March 25, 2010


* Pink Mank has indeed ripped apart now. The final separation occurred yesterday morning while I was getting the girls dressed. Tryn looked at me with horror in her eyes and then burst into tears. She was so sad. Daddy assured her that it could be fixed; I wonder if he is planning on doing that?

* Berlin did climb out of her crib finally. A few days ago, literally as I was walking into their room, she had her feet up on the edge of the crib. Instead of overacting, freaking her out, and making her fall I tried to act nonchalant in hopes that she would change her mind as she saw me enter the room. She didn’t. She swung herself over the edge and turned around. Unfortunately, she missed catching her feet on the mattress and fell down. She didn’t get hurt, just scared herself to pieces. I think she got scared enough that she won’t be trying that again anytime soon. I hope.

* Saturday morning Berlin decided that she wanted to start wearing underwear. This is how Berlin does many things around our house. She decided she wanted to use a big chair like everyone else, so she doesn’t use her highchair anymore. She decided she wanted to get dressed herself like everyone else, so she does. She realized that everyone else talks in full sentences, so her sentence structures amaze me for a newly turned two year old. She also realized that nobody else in our house wears diapers, so she wants to wear underwear. On Sunday morning we went on an excursion to Target to buy new underwear. We came away with Princess Tiana/Princess and the Frog underwear, Tinkerbell underwear, and Fancy Nancy underwear. Unfortunately, Berlin is not a 24 hour potty trainer like her older sister. So we have been cleaning up lots of accidents. Shoot.

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I just love Berlin!