Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Favorite Pictures

I have mentioned before how great our girls are about waking up in the morning. About how they just play in their room until we go and get them out. The type of play varies. Often, if we don't get up and get them immediately we will find Berlin in her crib basically swimming in toys that Tryn brings to her. Thankfully, she has never figured out that she could probably crawl out of her crib by now - but maybe she doesn't need to because the toys are brought right to her. Occasionally, we have found them stripped down to nothing. This is how I found them this morning:

Dressed in their Sunday best I guess. I love these pictures :)

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The Stephens said...

I'm starting to feel like maybe I missed out on something by not having a sister that shared a room with me! :) My brothers came to snuggle with me though; that was pretty great!