Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Easter Dresses

Every year for Easter I have gotten the girls a new dress. Partly because I remember getting new dresses for Easter when I was little, partly because I just like to buy them clothes, partly because they love dresses, and partly because it takes up a LOT of room in an Easter basket and therefore I don't have to give them as much candy.

This year, however, we went to church in the evening on Easter and so they didn't put their dresses on early in the morning. In fact, they both took a nap that afternoon and I had to wake them both up so that we wouldn't be late for church. Unfortunately, getting woken up combined with the fact that they had to eat their dinner in the car, Berlin especially was not super keen on the idea of getting her picture take once we got to church. Berlin was downright PO'ed.

Berlin wouldn't even look at me. See?

I tried adding more color to see if it would make her seem happier. It didn't.

Bored. Mad. Dumb Easter dresses.

I got several pictures of each of the girls backs, basically because they didn't want to look at me. Only I think this one is kind of pretty.

I did get them to smell some dead flowers (Haha! Suckers!).

But hugs? Absolutely not. No way. Don't touch me.

Of course, after church when it was too dark to take pictures Berlin was in a perfectly wonderful mood. She would have let me take 100 pictures of her...only I couldn't. These are the only two slightly redeemable, although slightly blurry, after church pictures.

Oh well. Maybe next year.


Sara said...

Hahaha. This totally made me laugh! They surely were beautiful that night- and I enjoyed seeing them appear in their dresses after church. :-)

Beth Hautala said...

What a great post Heidi. Love the dresses. Love the girls in them! Every time I read your blog I am more and more delighted by the fact that I have a daughter (though I totally adore my son, don't get me wrong!) . . . now, if I can just get her a sister . . . :)

Kristy said...

I. love. this.

So humorous and cute all at the same time!