Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Favorite Lunch

I have a hard time convincing the girls there is other food to eat for lunch other than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Sometimes I make them grilled cheese and I have to beg them to eat it. I can get them to eat other things, sometimes. They just really love peanut butter and jelly. And fruit.


I found a new lunch that they love. Bagels with blueberry cream cheese. They might like regular cream cheese too, I don't know. I just know that they love blueberry cream cheese. Berlin likes to just lick it right off her bagel.

And Berlin is such a funny eater. Tryn is clean and precise and holds her food carefully. This cream cheese mustache is one of the only foods that ever makes it onto her face. Berlin, on the other hand, doesn't just eat food, she experiences food. It's hilarious. I love to watch her eat. And I love that we get to eat something besides peanut butter and jelly everyday.

What do you feed your kids for lunch that they love? I need some new ideas...


The Stephens said...

I just made chicken burgers today in something that is like a George Foreman grill, and they were yummy. This is the recipe that I kind of used--except, I used bbq spice and oregano instead of onion and cayenne. Cece loved it. (I had it with feta and red peppers!)

Kayla said...

Meat and crackers (he doesn't like cheese).
Blueberry bagels with regular cream cheese.
Grilled cheese.
But 90% of the time, PB&J :)

Stephanie said...

Mine love whole wheat tortillas with refried beans and shredded cheese, heated up in the microwave. I need some more ideas, too!

Tia said...

Brendyn will always go for meat, cheese and crackers! Tyvan will mostly choose P Jelly! :) I sometimes make your moms mac & cheese for supper and they eat it for lunch! Do your girls like hummus? My boys like to eat hummus with pretzels and fruit! Im in need of new ideas for them, but they do love P Jelly!! :)

Kasia said...

My Abi is not a big fan on pb&j for some reason. A long time ago, I started giving her lunch in a muffin tray that has 6 compartments. I'd fill each compartment with something different: cheese, hot-dog or lunch meat, buttered bread, watermelon, strawberries, grapes, or whatever fruit is in season, goldfish, etc.

The possibilities are endless! In that way, she always has a selection of things to eat. She really likes that. Sometimes I let her decide what to put in one compartment, then she really wants to eat it.

I like it too, because it gives her a variety of foods and I can change it around depending on new foods that she likes or depending on the season.

Anonymous said...

Try cutting your grilled cheese sandwich into a girly shape... like a heart, or try to use a pizza cutter and make a princess shape (or crown). They will likely think that the new shape makes the sandwich more delicious. I cut Coletrane's sandwiches into a dinosaur shape. Works every time! - Fauntel

lhassler said...

Usually, I give leftovers. Soup is awesome. She sucks up the broth in a straw and then munches on the chunks afterward. I've just never made lunch-specific food. Maybe it's too much work, or since I'm already eating leftovers, that's just what I offer. I do offer sides, though. Hummus with edamame pushed into it, which is fun for her to scoop up. Frozen peas and blueberries (just frozen, just like that). Halved cherry tomatoes with some sort of "dip" (hummus or mustard or sometimes ranch). A piece of bread with peanut butter and a smiley face of honey on it and hair made out of coconut.