Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Vegetable!!

On Wednesday, my first night this week as a single parent, I was trying to make a healthy but quick dinner. I made myself a salad and pulled out some fresh veggies. One of my favorite things is to eat raw bell peppers, just cut them in half and eat them like an apple. Red, orange, or yellow, not really green so much. I laid half of the pepper I was going to eat on the counter and turned to the stove to work on the rest of dinner. When I turned around I found Berlin like this:

Tryn gave her the pepper for some reason and so she decided to eat it, like an apple. I convinced her to let me removed the seeds and the sticker, and the she proceeded to eat the entire thing!

I couldn't believe it. I have handed the girls slices of bell pepper before, Tryn will eat one thin slice at the most. Berlin will eat a couple slices, sometimes. And, yes, I realize the pictures are slightly blurry, but I felt like if I asked Berlin to move to better lighting I would jinx the whole thing and she would stop eating the vegetable, so I just left her alone.

She ate a vegetable! The end.

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omabear said...

Good job Berlin :) :) :) :) :)