Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Here are both of the girls standing around saying, "I don't see any eggs!" Do you see an egg in this picture? I do :)

But they soon got the hang of it.

Well, Berlin maybe not quite so fast as Tryn. Here she is, still saying, "I don't seen any eggs, Momma, no eggs!"

Little girls getting help from their Daddy makes my heart a little melty.

Berlin found her fair share of eggs. That's a great thing about our girls, sometimes, especially if they are both excited, they are really good at sharing and encouraging each other. Tryn was walking around helping Berlin find eggs and telling her, "Good job Berlin! You found one!" It was so cute.

Tryn was obviously floored that there was so much candy in her basket :)

I hate Easter grass. I didn't like it much when I was little and have never bought it before. However, this year I thought, "Well, this is the stuff that you are supposed to buy at Easter. Right?" And it's only like .99 cents, so I figured why not. I know why not. Berlin proceeded to rip it out of her basket like it was wrapping paper and I have been picking it up off my floor ever since. I will never buy it again.

P.S. Aren't these braids just about the cutest thing you have ever seen?

P.P.S. We celebrated Easter as a family yesterday since Steve had to work all today. So stay tuned to see pictures of the Easter dresses!


Kristy said...

so fun!

Erin Bennett said...

Jack did the same thing--he was SURE he had found them all and would be practically looking at more "hidden" ones. :)