Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Model

Tryn has become a total ham in front of the camera lately! Anytime we get the camera out she says, "Me! Me!" and wants us to take pictures of whatever she is doing. And then she will tell me that I should put it on my blog. Sometimes I do.

She is also into posing and making funny faces for the camera. The other day she found her old sunglasses and put them on and wanted a picture. And since I sort of have this disease where it's hard to say no if someone asks me to take pictures of them, and because I thought she looked especially cute and colorful, I obliged. I asked her to pose for me and this is what happened:

I love her so much.

The other day I cleaned out the diaper bag in the bathroom (so I could shake it out over the tub and get rid of the multitude of crumbs that kept getting under my fingernails every time I reached in the bag). I threw a handful of things into the bathroom trash can, including some crumb covered raisins that I am sure have been in the diaper bag for months. Apparently one didn't make it into the garbage and Tryn found it on the floor of the bathroom tonight and ate it.

I love her so much. :)


Sara said...

Awesome. :-)

Stephanie said...

LOVE those pics. Summer does the same thing.

So yesterday Camryn had gum in her mouth, which we never give her. I asked her where she got it, and she said, "The garbage can in the bathroom." Ugh.

Kristy said...

This is awesome! What a character :)

Tristan&Beth said...

So cute! I love the personality!

Melissa said...

Ahh! What a great post. She is so great :) I really love how her little tooshy seems to be wiggling back and forth in each picture...funny.

Tia said...

Love, Love, Love it!!! Great pictures :)