Monday, August 22, 2011


I keep trying to get to my post about Kyeson turning two months old - but it takes time and my girls keep saying the cutest things. So, whenever I get a chance to sit down and write something quick, I want to make sure to write what the girls said so I don't forget...

Steve was going out to take the dog to the open area across the street (where there used to be two houses and now there is just grass) and Berlin asked, "Daddy!! Can I come wif you?"

Steve, "Sure!"

Berlin, to me while running inside to get her shoes on, "He is such a nice Daddy, isn't he?"

Me, "He sure is." :)


Berlin took Piper out of her kennel and Piper ran into the neighbors yard to go explore. After running into tell Steve that Piper took off Berlin had to, again, put her shoes on and said, "I am going to go get Piper. I am going to save the world!"

Haha!! She is SO great!!

I will get to Kye's two month post soon...hopefully :)

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