Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I am spending a couple of days up at my sister's house in Brainerd. My sister-in-law is also here with her four boys. It is basically like having 4 sets of twins around. Let me show you...

The newborns: Wyatt and Kyeson

The one and a half year olds: Vienna and Liam

The three year olds: Berlin and Tyvan

The five year olds: Trynica and Brendyn

At times it feels like a little bit of chaos, but the kids have SO much fun together! On the way here Tryn said, "Mom, Brendyn and Tyvie are my best friends." Very true. She also said, "I have know Brendyn since I was a baby and he was a baby." Also true.

(Missing cousins are my other sister's two boys: Gabe, three in September, and Eli, who just turned one.)


Anonymous said...

You just blessed my night with those pictures!! Eight greats....and they truly are!


Anonymous said...

No way. SO cute!


Mamma Bird said...

My kids have cousins like that too, I should take pictures like that! It's so organized!

Tia said...

Tyvan said "I had SOOOOO much fun!" ....we did! We will have to do it again soon! :) I would love copies of the pictures you took :)