Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two Months!!

Little baby Kyeson is TWO months old!! Not today, but on the 12th and now it's the 24th or something crazy like that...and obviously I am way behind. I can't even tell you how crazy life is right now. Well, I could try, but it might turn into a small book.

Anyway, I can't believe we have had Kye two whole months already! Sometimes if feels like he was just born yesterday and other times it feels like he has been around forever and I barely remember life without him. Sometimes it feels like all his days just run together and he is basically the same every day and has been since he was born. But then I realized last night that I was remembering when we first brought him home and how different he was then and I guess he really has changed.

Kyeson, seriously, is the best baby. Well, he has one flaw, but just one. Kyeson is a perfect baby for about 3/4 of the day. He lays right down for his naps, goes to sleep without a pacifier, doesn't fuss about anything really, plays by himself, puts up with whatever the girls to do him or however they interact with him (which usually involves screaming or yelling as close to his face as possible). Then the evening comes. And he is gassy almost every evening, no matter what I do or don't eat. And then he likes to be awake as soon as we put the girls to bed and we usually have to convince him to go to bed when we are finally ready to crash. Needless to say, Steve and I don't get much adult only time in this house these days - hopefully that changes soon. Bedtime used to be my favorite time of day - because I would get a break - but not so much anymore.

So far Kye is amazingly interactive, similar to Tryn who started talking when she was 6 months old because she just loved to converse so much. Kye loves to be talked to, he will "talk" back forever. He just loves the interaction. However, unlike Tryn who laughed for the first time when she was a mere 6 weeks old, he still hasn't laughed. I think we are getting close, he gets really excited sometimes, but he just does not seem easily amused...yet he's so happy all the time. Confusing. I can't wait, it's one of my favorite things, the first baby laugh.

Oh, at his 2 month appointment he weighed 12 lbs 1 oz and was 23 inches long. Growing like a champ!

I even took some super cute two month pictures of him in this adorable little hat that I found, but as my house is in a total state of moving disrepair I don't even know where to find a camera cord. Seriously. It's horrible. So, you will just have to feast your eyes on this bit of cuteness instead :)