Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Saturday

The goings on of our household today have been as such: Berlin found a little ladybug in my room while I was in there cleaning earlier. She brought it over to me on her finger and I told her it was nice. And then screaming commenced because Berlin discovered that the ladybug was actually living and it "tried to grab my hand with it's fingers!".

Said ladybug decided to hang out on the floor while we all adjusted to the fact that it was living. Tryn, Berlin, and I were all crouched down on our knees with our faces to the floor. The girls discussed how cute the new ladybug was and tried to think of a way to keep him, I tried to gently dissuade them. It didn't work.

We all watched the ladybug crawl around the floor. When it decided to stretch his wings, wherein we found out that something must be broken and he can't fly, I think we all moved fairly quickly in what Berlin and Tryn described as "freaking out". We all just decided to give that little bug some distance, is the way I would describe it. Then the girls got out my phone and took numerous pictures and video of the insect.

The poor little bug has now found a home in a lidded plastic container with some bits of lettuce for company. His name is Cruella and he has been a constant playmate all day long. Berlin pretended to take a nap with Cruella, Tryn has carried him around, and Berlin recently burst into tears when she looked in the container and thought he had passed from the living. They have pretty high expectations for this poor creature.

Oh, and Steve and Kye are the only people in this family who have gotten out of their pj's today. They both spilled breakfast on their pj's...oh, wait, that was just Kye. Steve had to go to work. :) The girls and I are having a pj day, which Tryn is very excited about since she has to get dressed most days to go to school.

And that is Saturday.

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