Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Thoughts

Things I am thinking this morning:

* This weather is so stinkin' wonderful I don't even know what to do with myself. I took the kids to the park yesterday for the first time this year ("To the outdoor park?" was their awe and wonder.) and just sat reveling in the fact that I have a really great job right now. Part of my job is to sit in the sun on the first beautiful day of the year with three of the people that I love the most in the world and just have fun playing. How awesome is that?! I feel so blessed.

* My knee is stiff from running lately. If anyone has any good stretches to help knees, please let me know. It's the inside of my knee.

* I was realizing this morning that Kyeson is around the same age as Berlin was when she started walking. Kye is not even close to walking yet, which is just fine by me for my last little baby, but the thing that I keep thinking is, "How in the world did Berlin actually walk when she was only this size?!!!" Kye is so wobbly when he stands, and he is entirely too little of a human being to be walking around. Yet, Berlin was fully walking by this age. I do remember thinking she was the smallest walking person I had ever seen...

* And super random thought that I have been thinking about for the past day. I have been trying to imagine a world in which we didn't care about fashion or style...sadly, I can't. We are such a materialistic world. Don't get me wrong, I like to dress nice and have cute clothes, but wouldn't it be so nice not to care? I think it would be fabulous. We could all wear our clothes until they were threadbare and until we needed (as in need because otherwise we would walk around unclothed) something new.

* This weather is so nice.

* I am considering tapping the maple trees in my yard and making maple syrup. Am I crazy? Probably. But for some reason it seems like it would be kind of fun. :) I should decide soon as it seems this would be the week to start.


Mamma Bird said...

I say, tap that tree :)

Did you know we are trying for one more kid? Or two but for sure one. Really hopping I don't have morning sickness this time.

Wish I could have seen you last week but maybe next time. The talk was fun though. Someday I am going to just call you for no reason, just so you know. :)

emilyhansen said...

We tapped our silver maple last year. It was super fun! I highly recommend it. I have some websites for you to check out if you're interested and there are some supply stores that sell all the stuff you need. It's a lot of work but really fun!

Oh- and it would be awesome if we didn't care about what we wore. Awesome.

lhassler said...

Just to give you a warning (my grandparents have a sugar farm and I made syrup all growing up) it takes 50 gallons of sap to get 1 gallon of syrup...

Heidi said...

I know, well, it takes 40 gallons actually - according to my cousin. :)