Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One Determined Little Boy

Kyeson was sitting on the floor this morning with a bunch of toys around him. Eventually he noticed that my computer charger cord was sitting within view. He scooted around on his bottom until he could grab the cord. Success. Then he realized that the cord came with a box attached to it (you know, the middle of all computer chargers) which was out of reach between a rock and a hard place (couch and laundry basket). So he pulled and pulled and pulled with all his might. Over and over and over again, getting mad when he still couldn't reach the box part, until finally the cord popped loose from the wall. Success! Total happiness.

One determined little boy.

Also, I decided to try to give Kye some yogurt to see if it would help with his digestive issues and ongoing gas pains. Of course, he is too young to use a spoon himself and so I had to feed him the yogurt. It took me three separate mealtimes to get him to eat an entire small little container of baby yogurt. He didn't not want to eat something that someone else had to feed him.

One determined little boy.

It's a good thing I come with my own healthy dose of determination as well. We will be a good match against each other. ;)

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Mamma Bird said...

I LOVE the new side flowers thingy, I have a bag I love with the same ones only different. :) I have a strong willed one too, thank God we have a stronger will though! I would hate for them to be training us and not the other way around! Had fun talking last night :)