Thursday, April 30, 2009

Attack of the Mirror

So, obviously, today was Thursday...again. What that means for me is that I had to rush home from work, help Steve make dinner, get the kids to eat as fast as possible, help clean up the house, and get out of here by 6:15. Steve is the leader of a youth group that meets at our house every Thursday night, so I have to be out of the house from 6:15 to 8:00. Anyway, this was one of those nights when I didn't have any specific errands to run and there were sprinkles falling down, so we went to the mall. Going to the mall with two kids was one of my greatest fears after having Berlin. I avoided it for a good long while, maybe even six months. I have now been many Thursday nights by myself with the kids, but I definitely don't prefer it.

We shopped a little. The girls helped me by taking things off the racks and hangers. They played hide and seek in the clothes, picked up garbage off the floor, and pretty much didn't listen to a thing I said. Super fun times. As we breezed through the last store, Tryn decided to stop and look into a mirror that was hanging off the end of a clothing rack. I turned my back to talk to Berlin and looked back at Tryn just in time to see the mirror that was a good two feet taller than her come falling down right on top of her. By the time I got to her, as she was screaming hysterically, just her foot was under the mirror. "No big deal," I thought, until I went to lift the mirror off of her foot. I am certain it weighed about 50lbs as it took two of the little girls working there to come and carry it away. I thought Tryn's foot was broken. She was screaming, "It hurts!" and that manager was trying to ask me, "Is she okay?" I said I don't know, because I didn't. She's is. Which is good, as I wanted to hurt someone in the store myself. We had to fill out our first accident report. The manager felt really bad when I put Tryn's age on there, 3. I wanted to say, "Well, she isn't even 3 yet, she still actually only 2!" To make her feel even worse, but I didn't. I was nice. Dumb mirror. We went and had some ice cream after that, for Tryn's sake and mine.


Kayla said...

Poor Tryn! I would have been mad too! I'm glad that she is ok though. I probably would have been mean though and told the manager Tryn's real age=D

The Stephens said...

If I ever live in the cities (not likely anytime soon), you can come to my house on Thursday nights. I promise to not have any heavy, dangerous mirrors just sitting around!

Kristy said...

Oh my! Its a good thing the mirror didn't fall on all of her! That could've been a lot worse. Stupid mirror. :( I'm glad she's okay.