Saturday, April 11, 2009


I just wanted to let you all know that smoothies with spinach in them totally work!! Yay!! (Thanks Jessica!) I have made a few different combos of spinach with a little yogurt, a little juice, and a little strawberry or blueberry, sometimes a little banana. The first time I made the spinach smoothies Berlin sucked hers down with such intensity that she got really mad when it disappeared so fast. It's also really great because, with a little protein on the side, this is pretty much a meal for Berlin. So easy! So, I have managed to get one more veggie into my girlies diets, one of the more important ones, and I am really oh so happy about that...


jessica said...

YAY!!!! I'm glad it works! And it's so much easier and better than just juicing.

Anonymous said...

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