Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mel's Marathon

This last weekend Berlin and I took a little road trip to watch our friend Mel run in her fourth marathon.
(this is Mel)

While Berlin and I think Mel is pretty cool for being able to run 26.2 miles (as Berlin and I could probably not run more than one mile between the two of us), Berlin also thought the big fire trucks along the race route were pretty cool. They had pretty flashing lights and she was quite enthralled.

Berlin was also impressed with the size of the route markers. They were bigger than she was. In fact, pretty much everything about the race was bigger than she was. She was the youngest cheerer at the race, and even the two dogs we had with us surpassed Berlin in inches and pounds (by far!! Unfortunately, said dogs were super hyper and did not like holding still to have their pictures taken).

When the race started at 8am it was only about 38 degrees outside. I, for one, forgot real shoes and watched the entire race wearing flip flops, silly me. Berlin, on the other hand, forgot her gloves and had to ask Jen (Mel's aunt) if she could borrow hers.

(Yay! Mel!!)

Berlin finally got brave enough to touch one of the trucks.

You'd have to ask her to be sure, but I think Berlin was a little bit confused about why we kept driving around and watching Mel run past us. I think if Berlin could have talked she would have said, "Um, why are we just standing out here in the middle of nowhere?...Oh, I recognize that lady! Oh, that's Mel! Oh, there she goes! Bye-bye Mel...Why isn't she coming with us?"

And, even though Berlin was quite tired after trekking in a van along 26.2 miles, she and I were very proud of Mel for making it to the finish line. Because, like I said, Berlin and I would have a hard time running a mile between the two of us and Berlin could probably last longer than I could.

Good job Mel!!


trish said...

ahahaha that's so funny about Berlin being confused why your friend kept running by you guys. i admire anyone who can finish a marathon!!!

Melanie said...

Thanks Heidi! So fun to have you both there. And I guess this means that now I am a celebrity.

Amy said...

My friend Kelly H. is standing in your last picture! She works for Brainerd's Paper and worked the run. You must have been standing right by her. It is so funny that I know her from the back but that is her jacket and that is how she half hides when she takes pictures. I bet she has some good ones of Mel. I did LOL about what Berlin was thinking about Mel running by. Very Cute! -Amy