Monday, June 28, 2010

Crazy Week

I didn't blog one single time in the past week.

It was a crazy and weird week. We took two trips to the ER for the worst flu our family has had. Steve had to be hooked up to an IV on Tuesday to get some liquids in him, he hadn't been able to keep anything down for hours and was so dehydrated. Berlin had a late night trip to the ER on Thursday because she was also not able to stop throwing up.

Tuesday a good family friend of ours, Michele, died rather suddenly from cancer. Her family and our family know each other from Open Door. Her funeral was on Saturday.

On Friday we had the most bizarre storm I have ever seen. It rained so intensely for an hour that this is what happened to our street:

Our sidewalk was underwater and we could not see the curb at all. Both of our cars got wet floors in the inside. Steve moved them during the rain and our Pontiac didn't work the entire next day while the engine was drying out.

Like I said, it was a crazy week.


Anonymous said...

Looking back, I'm still glad I used an umbrella...


Kristy said...

oh wow...crazy

Words/Wonder said...

That storm was crazy! Samuel & I were in north (on Girard) during the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Often, a summer flu can be a sign of Lyme Disease and co=infections, especially in Minnesota. Were you visiting parks or up north? I'm always suspicious of that from a summer flu (outside of flu season).

Most people don't see the the ticks, nor do they get a rash, and the hospital tests don't show exposure for 4 weeks or longer.

Glad you are all better, but hope that you watch for any lingering issues.