Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Past Four Years

Birth Day (well, pretty close to it as most of Tryn's first two years of life pictures are stuck on a broken external hard drive)

First Birthday

Second Birthday

Third Birthday

Fourth Birthday


Last night, after you had been asleep for a few hours already, I had to come into your room and hold you - just to make sure you were still small enough to fit in my arms. You are getting so big, I can't believe you are 4 already! With the way the time flies with you I am afraid that tomorrow you are going to go on your first date and in a month you will be married! Daddy told me last night that we still have at least 14 years until you move out of the house, but 14 years does not feel long enough to me at all. Besides, you will really only think I am one of the greatest people in the world for about 5 more years and then I will be dumb.

While I was holding you last night I was remembering my favorite moment from when you were born. You came into this world mad as can be about the whole birth process. You were making it known loud and clear that you were not pleased, and then the midwife handed you to me. I said hi to you and you immediately stopped crying and just listened to me. You also looked right at me with your eyes wide open, like you were in wonder that you finally got to put a face to that voice you had been hearing for 9 months. It is still by far one of the most favorite moments of my life. Then you went back to crying :)

You are one of the sweetest and kindest four year olds that I know. You are always so helpful. Whenever I ask you to help me you say, "Of course!" like there would be no other response imaginable, I love it! You are also a great encourager. You are always cheering Berlin on to her accomplishments and most days when you see me you tell me how nice I look (especially if I am wearing a dress;)). One of my favorite characteristics of you is that you are very logical. If Daddy or I explain to you why we are doing something, or what is happening next, you just seem to think, "Oh, that makes sense," and you go along with whatever it is. It's great. I also love how much you like to tell and hear stories, how you like to act out movie parts, and how much you like music.

Before you were born I sort of freaked out a little bit and was wondering what I got myself into by signing up to be a parent. Now I can't imagine my life without you. You bring so much joy, love, and happiness to our little family. You are such a special little girl and Daddy and I are so glad to have you, I love being your mom.

I love you with all my heart,


Stephanie said...

SO sweet. Your description of Tryn reminds me so much of Summer. She will be 4 in August. Why is it that 4 seems so much older than 3??

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I love your blog!