Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Golden Birthday

Four years ago, 10:01pm on June 4, our first baby girl came into this world and changed our lives forever. Steve and I didn't tell Tryn that her actual birthday was yesterday because her party was today and we didn't want to deal with the birthday being a whole two day long ordeal. It also gave us a chance to go birthday present shopping yesterday afternoon and stay up until 11:30pm last night decorating, baking cake, cleaning, wrapping presents, and assembling a bike.


This is how we do things around here.

Needless to say, Steve and I were definitely awake at 10:01pm last night and toasted Tryn's birthday with a glass of wine and the question, "What used to motivate us to get out of bed in the morning before kids?" Literally, until that actual Saturday morning of June 3 when I woke up with contractions, what reason had ever forced me to get up on a weekend morning? Nothing important enough to remember.

38 hours of labor later, Trynica Kryslin Haines was born to us and we have forever since had a very good reason to get up on Saturday mornings.

This morning was nice because both of the kids slept in, but then Tryn woke up first and so Steve and I got to spend a couple of minutes with just her before Berlin got up and everyone else got here. She had a hard time paying attention to anything but her presents though. :)

This was Tryn's reaction to a Princess Tiana beach towel...

...this was Berlin's reaction! Haha!!

We decided to have a little kid party this morning, these are Tryn's little friends. Everyone is actually pictured, including her cousin Tyvan who is sitting on my lap on the edge of the couch. See the corner of his little yellow shirt?

This is Tryn's new big girl bike. (Ohmygosh I have a FOUR year old child!!!!)

We also had a friend come over who was able to make some balloon things for the kids. Swords, puppys, giraffes, and crowns were all part of her repertoire and the kids loved it!

And of course, birthday cake!!


Jessica Woudsma said...

The final photo of Tryn blowing out her candles is excellent!

Kayla said...

Awe!!! So cute! Bummed I missed it! Happy Birthday Trynica!!!

Kristy said...

What a big girl! I love the picture of her and her balloon hat!

Sara said...

Haha. The one with the balloon flower on her head is my favorite!!!

Happy golden birthday Tryn!