Friday, June 18, 2010

Tryn's Letters

Another thing that happened in Nashville is shown here in this video. Tryn figured out her letters. I actually just made this video today, but Tryn figured this out while in Nashville. We have been working on, "Tryn, T-T-Tryn starts with a t and so does the word toy...and train...and table, ect," for quite a long time. She memorized names and certain words. She knew what letter each of our names started with, but I think just because we talked about it so many times.

Last Friday I was pushing Tryn around in a cart in a grocery store in Nashville and Tryn said, "Mom, b-b-bread starts with a b!" And then, without any prompting she just started talking about everything, "Mom! R-r-Rollie! He starts with an r! And a-a-apple starts with an a!" and she just went on and on. Like it suddenly clicked. Check it out:

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Kristy said...

Wow, so smart! What a cutie :)