Sunday, June 20, 2010

Randomness for Sunday Afternoon

I am blogging twice in one day which is just bizarre since I often can't get myself to blog twice a week, but I have some random things...

1. This morning Berlin was trying to smash play-dough against her face in order to get an imprint of her face in the play-dough, something her father taught her. Awhile later she came up to me and said, "I have owie in my nose," while shoving her little finger repeatedly into her left nostril. I looked up there but could not see anything. She persisted though, that she had, "An ouchie up there." Finally, I plugged the right side of her nose and told her to blow and a big green booger sized piece of play-dough shot out and landed in my hand.

2. I have spent a leisurely morning sitting on the front porch reading a magazine while the girls played in the kiddie pool. I read an article that told me how often I should wash each piece of clothing that I wear. Jeans = 4 to 5 wears, blouses = 2 to 4, t-shirts = EVERY time you wear them for longer than 4 hours, and the list goes on and on. This is fun information because it makes me feel better about the fact that I don't wash my clothes every time I wear them. I do sometimes re-wear t-shirts (gasp!) once or twice before washing them though. Then the thought crossed my mind, "Who in the world sits around and does studies on this type of thing?" I mean, there were calculated reasons why it was okay or not okay to wash things after x number of wears...WHO gets paid to figure that out? Seriously! What a weird job.

3. The other day we had a thunder storm, which made Berlin very nervous. We were all sitting at the dinner table eating and Berlin kept looking out the window every few seconds - waiting for the next loud clap or flash of light. After several minutes of the storm, and after Berlin had actually started looking a little more relaxed about the whole thing, she turned to Steve and said, "I don't want more, Daddy. Push a button. Turn it off." Haha!!

4. I am really obsessed with Nutella right now. I might have to go to the store and buy some before this day is done.

5. The other day some of the HS students from where I work were taking a bus tour of North and we stopped by my house. A few people really needed to use the bathroom, but I couldn't let them in my house because it was too messy. *Sigh* I am having a really hard time getting this place under control since we came back from Nashville.

6. Right now Tryn is supposed to be having nap/rest time and she is in my room belting out her own version of "Jesus Loves Me" as loud as she can.

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lhassler said...

points two through four could have been written by me, about us right now. How crazy! My Aurelia hates "boom-crash"es as she calls thunder. Rather traumatized by it, actually.