Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sweet Cece's

While we were in Nashville Rollie and Cait brought us to a new ice cream place, Sweet Cece's. So yum. If there is any topping that you could think of to put on your ice cream I am pretty sure they have it.

My girls were amazed, not only by the sheer volume of treats at their eye level, but they got to pick whatever they wanted to put on their ice cream. Heaven.

My bff, Cait :)


Erin Bennett said...

Super cute picture of you and Cait! And I LOVE your girls' dresses--I bought the one Berlin is wearing for Leah, but it doesn't fit quite yet. ;)

The Stephens said...

What a great name for an ice cream shop!

KellyONeill said...

I'm Sweet CeCe's graphic designer. I stumbled across your post and loved it! We've got your blog post featured in our "Sweet Mentions" on the site:

Thank you!

Cool Springs Ice Cream said...

We love Sweet Cece's! They are opening up all over Nashville now with one coming to Cool Springs soon! Original tart is my favorite flavor and I always get strawberries and Cap'N Crunch.