Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Breakfast Coversation

As you may remember, Tryn just had her birthday. Prior to her birthday we would have conversations that went something like this:

“First is Berlin’s birthday, then daddy’s, then after daddy’s birthday is your birthday, then it’s mommy’s birthday.” (Unfortunately, Tryn took this as we all get one birthday this year and no more ever…she was excited to learn that she gets another birthday next year.)

So this morning Tryn says to me, “Mom! Next is your birthday! Your birthday is in a few weeks!” Which is mostly true, it is in August.

“Yes, Tryn, it is mommy’s birthday next isn’t it? I am so excited about that.” She missed my slight hint at sarcasm here.

“Yeah, Mom! It will be your birthday!” She is, apparently, very excited for my birthday.

“Are you going to get me a present babe?”

“Yeah! I’m gonna get you a princess thing. And some blueberries. And something like that. And some princess things that go like that and some stuff.” She was holding a fork, eating pancakes, and not making any hand motions so I have no idea what "like that" means exactly. "And some flowers and things that go in your hair. And some flowers with faces on it. And stuff."

“Really sweetie? Thanks! That will be so fun!”

“Yeah, Mom, that will be so fun!”



Anonymous said...

"And some stuff that goes in you hair and on flowers..."

:) She gets her randomness from you...


Anonymous said...

That;s alright though, stay as a child, LIFE is more fun that way :)

Kayla said...

She is so cute! You get princess things for your birthday!!!

Words/Wonder said...

That's so sweet she gets excited about your birthday, Heidi!