Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Trynica!

Three years ago today is when I learned that it is possible to love so intensely that I would lay down my life for an almost perfect stranger. Three years ago today I held my baby Trynica in my arms for the very first time. Now, three years later, I find that I love her even more intensely that I did that first day, and wonder how that is even possible. And I wonder how it is possible to love three different people so intensely and to love each of them with all my heart, but I do. I love my baby Trynica with all my heart.
I got Tryn out of bed this morning and wasn’t able to tell her that it is her birthday today, because her party isn’t until Saturday and we didn’t want her to get confused. So all of the emotion and excitement that I wanted to bestow on her by shouting, “Tryn! It’s your birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” was stuffed down and I just held her in my arms and gave her twenty kisses instead. Sigh. I can’t wait for Saturday morning.

Happy Birthday baby! I am so excited that it is finally your birthday! You seriously have been excited for your birthday since before Christmas and so I am glad that it is finally here and that we get to celebrate you! Your daddy and I love having you. We were so excited to learn that we were having a baby girl and we are still so excited today to have you as our sweet little girl.
I love that you are my girly girl. I love that we can already get excited about new shoes together and it is always so fun to have you tell me, “Mom, I really like your skirt/necklace/earrings/shoes,” or whatever part of my outfits catches your attention on any given day. I love to paint your nails because you get so excited about it! You are adorable. I also love that you would wear a dress every day and to bed at night if we let you. We have actually let you wear dresses over your pj’s to bed at night because you love dresses so much.
Ever since you were born you have caught people’s attention with your blonde hair and huge blue eyes, you still do. In fact, we were at the mall last week and when we stopped by to get some ice cream the lady behind the counter gave you a free little bowl of ice cream, just because she thought you were so cute. And you are, of course.
You are so smart! Sometimes you freak me out a little because you are so smart. Your newest obsession is learning the sounds that all of the letters of the alphabet make. You know that your name starts with a T and every time you see a sign or packaging with the letter T you tell us, “Look! There’s T for Tryn!” You especially do this a lot while we are driving around and you see lots of signs out the window. But a lot of conversations right now are about what each letter sounds like and what word starts with that letter. I also think that it is amazingly smart that you have whole scenes from movies memorized and that you can act them out. Your daddy and I play along with you a lot, because you need someone to be the evil stepmother or the fairy godmother, and if we don’t get the lines right – exactly as they are in the movie – you will correct us and make sure we say the right thing, or prompt us if we can’t remember the next part. Your memory is amazing and your imagination is incredible.
Something that your daddy just loves that you do is when you make up songs. You have several songs memorized and you sing them all the time, you can also learn new songs by listening to them just a handful of times. However, lately, you also make up your own songs. Sometimes you will make up lyrics to a melody that you already know, but more often you will just make up your own lyrics and melody, stuff that actually makes sense.
Thank you for letting me still call you my baby and for snuggling with me on the couch. I love you so fiercely it makes my heart ache. I am so thankful that I get to be your mommy; daddy and I are so blessed to have you in our lives. We can’t imagine life without you.
I love you with all my heart, sweet little girl.


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday, Tryn!! What a beautiful letter you wrote. I'm sure she will love reading that some day.

Kayla said...

Tell Tryn Happy Birthday for me! I remember the day she was born, I can't believe she is three now!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, Heidi.


Kristy said...

This is great Heidi, and those baby pictures of her are precious- I can't believe how fast three years have gone.

ps- I'm anxious to hear how much she loves her party!