Monday, June 8, 2009

I am NOT a dummy.

Apparently, Lightroom should come with a manual for dummies. I have figured out how to do a few things, but I managed to split the screen into this duel view thing that I really wanted to turn off. I finally figured it out after fifteen a few minutes, but now I am frustrated. I am going to set things aside for tonight. In fact, the below pics were actually edited, but then, when I uploaded them to my blog, lo' and behold, they were the unedited versions...have no idea how that happened. Still going to post them anyway because I just love them!

How terrible am I, but these pictures aren't even of the birthday girl! Berlin just keeps making me laugh, and I love these photos of her. She is funny. She was watching this whole thing, watching all the big kids get their cupcakes, and then, when she thought she wasn't going to get one too, burst into absolutely hysterical tears. I didn't even think she knew what was going on, but I guess I was wrong. They were such sad tears too! These are a few pre-tears pictures...


jessica said...

I was just talking to Jolene about this last night... there's a saving/export process that I haven't used in forever so I cannot explain how it works... at least that's what I had to do when I uploaded edited photos before... I'm sure someone else will be much more eloquent with an explanation than I :)

trish said...

oh my word that's SO adorable and sad that she didn't think she was getting a cupcake! lol
oh and good luck with figuring it out, i'm sure you'll have fun with it when you do. i doubt i'd have the patience to learn it.