Thursday, June 11, 2009

Come thou, oh long awaited...Birthday Pictures!!

Yay!! I am not a dummy anymore! Well...nevermind. I at least figured out how to get my edited pictures onto my blog and so here are the long ago promised pictures of Trynica's third birthday party. I have never done a themed party before. I have had Christmas parties and such, but never a full on themed party. Three years ago I would have never agreed to throw a princess themed birthday party for 30 people. No way. Three years later...

We made colorful construction paper princess crowns with jewels on them.

Our daughter was given not one, but two pink princess dresses. The other one actually sparkles and lights up when you push a button.

We colored pictures of princesses.

Played with new princess toys which included dressing and accessorizing princesses (or princessessessess, as Tryn calls them).

And had princess napkins and paper plates, oh help us.

Remember how I told you that Berlin threw a princess style fit when she thought she wasn't going to get a cupcake?

Rest assured that she did indeed get that cupcake and made such a royal mess.

Paisley, just cause she's cute and I really like this picture :)

Princess Trynica hopping around with her delivery of a bouquet of helium infused balloons.

Opening princess birthday presents (this one was a set of four pairs of princess shoes, which Tryn loves and wears obsessively now).

Taking a break from opening presents to read a new princess book to Larissa. Princess books were one of the presents that Tryn actually asked for when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She is also quite obsessive AND possessive about these.

Struggling so gracefully and princess-like (not!) to open this present!

And even with all the princess presents and princess things, my baby still likes her cars and trucks. :)

Happy Birthday Tryn!

Oh, and just as a small example, incase you are wondering about the difference between edited and non-edited check out the two pics below. This is not even my favorite example of the difference it can make, but I love this picture and forgot to put it in the with rest, so I am adding it now :)


trish said...

the difference is wonderful, the pics look great. and i am in love with Berlin's pigtails, oh my!

Kayla said...

It looks like fun! I'm glad that Tryn had fun with all of her princess things!!!

Quadruple Life said...

Oh. My. Gosh. This is too sweet. Heidi—I am seriously jealous of your princesses! I, who have previously loathed pink, can't wait for the day when Ella wants to dress up. And watch—she'll be more boy than her brother. ;) Gorgeous pictures . . . gorgeous girls!

Kristy said...

oh dear :) so very very cute, Tryn looks like she had a blast! That IS a large party, 30 I love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Picture of Tryn and helicopter-Priceless :)
Thanks for the burgers Steve, very, very, very,very, GOOOOOOOOOOOD :)

Anonymous said...

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