Monday, June 29, 2009

In Fields Yards of Wildflowers

Okay, so I promised some pictures from the weekend up at my mom and dad's house. And I was not kidding about the wildflowers. Amazingly, however, this is not a picture of a field, this is in my parent's yard. My parents have a three acre yard to mow and so it had been a few weeks since my dad had time to do it last. This was the incredible result. Three acres full of wildflowers.

Trynica and Berlin had a grand time picking flowers, they never ran out of options! They love picking flowers but often run out of dandelions in our tiny front yard, so they were thrilled with the endless supply of pickings. A good portion of the flowers were up to Berlin's shoulders, so she didn't have to make much of an effort to give them a good sniff.

This is the actual field where the horses live, filled with mostly daisies. Also very beautiful, but not quite as impressive as the front yard itself.

There is a beautiful trail and connects that yard to the field and Berlin spent some time on this trail walking around as nature intended, nakie! Not fully, though she would have loved that, as there were too many bugs. It was really funny, Berlin fell way behind the group, taking her sweet little time to take a walk. Most of the time when I would look back at her she would be standing in one spot, alternately hitting each hand on her legs, and bouncing up and down like she was dancing, only there was no music. So funny!

And remember how I told you that my parents were the only people that I know who live on a dirt road? It really is a beautiful road.

And last, some good old sisterly love. I love these girls. Yes, they may fight and take each others toys, but they can make each other laugh like I can't even get them to laugh.


omabear said...

Cute pictures. Yes, I do LOVE my wild flowers. The girls are sooooooooo CUTE :)

The Stephens said...

Gorgeous pics!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful stuff, Heidi. What treasured memories you'll have for a long time. Hey, one more princess movie for you. I posted on Steve's fb, but I don't know if it got to you. A Tale of Despereaux, by Kate DiCamillo is a great book, and the movie is okay. Rent it if you get a chance. The story is about a mouse, but also about a princess. My kids loved the book as a bedtime story, and the movie doesn't quite live up to the book, but it's okay for a G rating.

Kristy said...

oooh I love all the pictures- but especially the last one :)

Trish said...

i love all the pictures!! SO pretty. the first one is especially pretty. oh how i love dirt roads... i had my first dance with a boy on a dirt road- to a beach boys song. heehee

Laura Crosby said...

You are an AMAZING photographer!